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Manufacturing Capabilities

The site is operates on a one shift system but as and when required we introduce multiple shifts to cope with increased capacity throughout the year

Site Licensing

The site is licensed by HMRC, COPR to store and pack. Solvents, Biocidal products, Rodenticides. Also a TIED oil approved site for white spirits and kerosene

  • UK manufacturing facility 70,000 square ft
  • 5 fully automated production filling lines
  • Filling from 50ml bottles 5ltr
  • 10ltr, 25ltr, 205ltr and 1000LTR IBC filling
  • Highly flammable filling which can fill from 50ml up to 5ltr. Running at speeds of 200 bottles per minute
  • Bulk storage tanks
  • Highly flammable tank farm for storing bulk solvents
  • Bulk blending of liquid products in large volume stainless steel mixing vessels
  • Inhouse product development team
  • REACH compliant and MSDS generation systems
  • Inhouse product sourcing team
  • Inhouse label design and packaging design and sourcing
  • Worldwide export and sourcing department
  • Pick and pack warehousing

Low flash solvent filling

We are experts in solvent low flash filling and have filling lines that can fill high volume products efficiently and safely.

We can take in various solvents blends form 1000ltr IBC,s to full road tanker loads ready for filling. Onsite storage of large tanker loads of solvents.

We can also mix and blend various solvent blends onsite.

  • 50,000ltr bulk solvent tanks for various solvents and solvent blends
  • Mixing vessels for solvent blends and additions
  • ATEC rated filling lines
  • Batch coding, labelling and packing online